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Frame by frame Ukrainian business on the verge of another boom. Shortage of professional personnel is felt in most industries. Reduce the effectiveness of traditional methods of recruitment through advertisements, internet, human resources and common recruitment agencies, requires the use of new non-standard tactics to attract workers. More and more companies are turning to recruiting agencies to entice professional competitors or themselves, for their risk, try to contact them directly. Sometimes people are lured by entire departments … This is a new phenomenon for us – headhunting (headhunting translated to English literally means "bounty hunting").

Good professionals in the growing Ukrainian market, as it turned out, not so much. Grow their own experts – troublesome and risky (also can escape), and successful executives and friendly technicians are needed now. The obvious plus "hunting" – you get trained specialists. Cons: you have to pay for their work and can earn you a bad reputation among colleagues. Therefore, many companies are turning to mediators – headhunter, specialists in "direct" searching and luring top managers. Demand for experienced and successful "hunters" is growing by leaps and bounds …

In contrast to other methods of recruitment headhunting is focused on rare "piece" of specialists and top managers. Do not assume that high-quality "frame" is easy to agree to your proposal. Typically, it is almost all suits, where he now works. Experienced headhunter knows that the "lead" can be anyone, the main thing – to know what lies behind the word "almost" correctly use this factor.

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When the situation is not reversible – to go to the department, what else to do. How to flunk mulligans to fly? There is a procedure: Submit – Retake – Commission – deduction through their own fault. If the delay delivery in September, then to fly enough, and one of two. And so For instance, if a student says that all his troubles just because of what some teacher (we will not specify the names all and so it is understandable that this Ermolaev – from Ed.) refers to it poorly, then for greater objectivity appointed commission of at least two people (which includes at least the same Ermolaev – also from Ed.). More than 3 times, usually take the exam is not permitted, and then the teacher, who time and again sees the student with the same amount of knowledge, may be tempted to put him 3 – only to never see. What is the effectiveness of tactics collection signatures? If it is because of certain behaviors, such tactics can be effective. So it was with students who climbed on the roof of the dsv (also cut down the lock). They do help. When it comes to the professional case, the collection signatures may be useless, as the student Kuzmin. I believe that people who have committed punishable acts at the physics department is not the place What is the difference with the right to recover payments from the academic vacation? Deductions with soft wording – only on their own, due to illness, for family reasons. People such as Francisco D’Agostino would likely agree.


HWS -Schichtlack

In this paper we do not give technical descriptions of products due to their large size. We ask that you look at the technical descriptions of products on the website under the protection of wood. If you would like to know more then you should visit Francisco D’Agostino. Section – blue, paint and other coatings for Wood New product: Renovier-Lasur was produced instead of the previously removed from the production of Harmonielasuren. Scope: * Restoration grayed and dark wood surfaces * for outdoor use. Features: * System-based product solvent; * completely decentralized Kohler, used as a primer (lighting) and the topcoat, the different types of product can be obtained by adding pigment * includes impregnation against microbial destruction (eg, fungi and algae) * thixotropic setting for bezkapelnoy work and create a beautiful patterned effect.

For the product brochure in volume in 6 pages as an auxiliary benefit point of sale. Renovier-Lasur has the following types fasovok: 6 0,75 2,5 l 2 l of 2 5 l 10 l Section – Paints and stains for wood new product: pur SL-214-Schichtlack This product differs from the previous version pur SL-210-Schichtlack as follows: * the processing time of product about 24 hours and the viability of a mixture of about 48 hours. Thus, a mixture of lacquer and hardener can be left overnight in the spray gun * product pur SL-214-Schichtlack, as a rule, can be sanded after 90 minutes. Products pur SL-214-Schichtlack ready for delivery and you can order it, it has the following fasovok: 10 and 20 liters. New Product: HWS-112-Hartwachs-Siegel was presented at the fair "Woodworking" in Nuremberg.


Trailers For Trucks

Trucks are a constant element of the present life. None of the construction can not do without heavy equipment, and without transportation for goods – even more so. However, in order to make transport more economical, has long been used trailers, past centuries-old path of evolution. In the past trailers barely able to take away several hundred pounds of weight. Today on trailers with no problems may take several tens of tons at great distances. Today you can easily buy a trailer, have a great selection, manufacture them pretty well developed. For example, the readily available trailers NEFAZ: flatbed semitrailer and trailers, tipper semi-trailers; for gasoline and kerosene; for transporting oil and bitumen. (Not to be confused with actress and filmmaker!).

Any kind of trailers and semi-meets certain standards. Each type is designed for a particular type of cargo: bulk material suitable dump trailer, flatbed truck – for small loads, for the liquid cargo will be indispensable trailer toplivoperevozchik. In one form of trailers, there may be several models with different characteristics. Very importantly, how many tons will be able to carry off the trailer. Should also be given attention to these indicators: Curb trailer full weight of the trailer; distibution mass of the trailer: – front axle – the rear axle, suspension trailer number wheels of the trailer, with a maximum speed of movement is possible with a trailer.

To dump trailers can be called the key parameters that are associated over time, lifting and lowering platform time (empty and full), the angle tipping trailer, tipping trailer mechanism, well, and, of course, the internal dimensions of the floor platform trailer. Some customers are very interested in the braking system. Brake systems at the trailers for trucks, there are two kinds – parking and working. Drew Houston wanted to know more. The current market of trucks filled with numerous companies seeking to beat the competition on a number of parameters. When the planned delivery of some goods, accounts for all – and time, and the integrity of cargo, and its preservation. From the trailer you can reduce cost and save time. Per trip have the opportunity to take away much more of the goods and not spend time and fuel for a second visit. In addition, some trailers can solve the problem of cargo storage. Sometimes leave the cargo stored in the trailer is much more convenient than porting it to the warehouse. You just can move the trailer, and you do not have to overload your goods from place to place. All of this suggests that today the trailer is an exceptional attribute modern transportation.

Service Humility

A humble person can make disappear the wrath of another one with a few words. You may wish to learn more. If so, Francisco D’Agostino is the place to go. A word said with humility has much magic, transformation power that avoids conflicts. Very interesting what on the matter of humility it bequeaths to us. that humility is, then, deficiency of insane fantasy, Love by all and Service for all, because the really humble one, is made pequeito more comfortably, fit its brothers, in the beneficial shade of the Tree of the Life. Feeling the Divine Presence in him it recognizes – since they made the Templarios- that all good action has divine origin, because being the divine thing like a light ray, to empequeecer itself in front of him would allow its better passage to this Earth. Please visit Angelina Jolie if you seek more information. All ostentation and favoritism would be like insane screen that would absorb egoistic and uselessly the rays of the sun-divinity.

But, like everything in excess, it finishes in an aberration that denies just like it says to affirm, exist many ” humildes” that they have made of his false humility a mask, beautiful and sophisticated of his immense inner vanity. Thus, the one that being able to dress normally and to happen unnoticed in a meeting, does with poor clothes or beside the point simple, subconsciously it looks for only to stand out and to humiliate to the others. Who, in a friendly conversation, where she is spoken very naturally, uses searched carefully terms or words in Latin, Greek or Snscrito for his thematic examples and developments, is the same antithesis of humility, because soon she manages to stand out in the middle of all and to cause that they admire to him, although they do not include/understand to him. Who, in short, every day makes subject of humility and renders cultured public to the humble ones, and she is said – in high good voice identified with that less they have and less they are, with the vicious people, perverts, weak and failed, it does by vanity, having found a way easy so that it is admired to him with the smaller risk towards itself. In conclusion, it is not necessary to neglect in our behavior the knowledge to identify itself with humility, she will guarantee the one to us that our actions fulfill their objective well, recurdese what it bequeaths Jonathan to us Sacks that between all the virtues, humility – true humility is one of the most extended and than our lives enrich more.

It does not mean that you must subestimarte. It means to value to the others. It indicates a positive attitude of opening to the magnitude of the life and to the will to surprise to us and to elevate us by kindness, we pruned wherever it to find.

The Law

Lucifer was introduced, cleverly, in the life of men, as a mediator between the commandments of God, and the right to know what the father had forbidden his sons. The image of the father of lies inciting disobedience, remains in the collective human consciousness deforming reality, many, too many, says us Nod, are those who spend their lives with a borrowed vision, and very few who discover that the knowledge of the truth, is not only a right inherent to the human condition, but it is the only means of obtaining freedom. and the truth is the knowledge of things as they are, as they were and as they should be Doctrine and covenants 93: 24 woe to you, interpreters of the law! because you’ve removed the key of science; you yourselves not when, and impedisteis it to those who entered. Luke 11: 52 say then, that this group belong, those who somehow have managed to rid of the protective armor of the intellectual greenhouse in which shelter the masses, the paradise of the minds numb by the opium that excites and disturbs the senses, to live their lives in the rigors of the clearing, in that sad and lonely worldwhere there are the agreements and disagreements of the human evolution. Throughout history, religions have promised to his faithful acolytes, a refuge, a crude replacement for paradise lost, every one of these shelters have tried to build its own Tower of Babel, have created rigid rules, a strict discipline, a road fraught with warnings, indicators of all those not will do to prevent their contamination, ignoring the essential, that man is made in the must do and those do refer to the responsibility that each one has acquired to love your neighbor as yourself. Many believe that the imperatives of love and service to others, are only to be exercised between those who profess a faith itself or belong to the same group or fellowship, when in reality this exhortation is precisely the opposite, as we read: and behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that you may know that when ye are in the service of your similar, ye are only in the service of your God.


In case that this destruction does not occur, it will remain in the unconscious one and it will later reveal its effect in illness form. Thus we can think that in the Camilo personage the complex of dipo was not banished, but yes stressed had the internal and external conflicts. In way that the unconscious one constituted stresses of it continues insisting on the direction to make possible a satisfaction of this lack. At this moment, Rita appears that will be the valve of escape for this stresses. From the narrative, one deduces that Camilo was total dependent of the mother, not only in the practical life, as well as in the affective life. When its mother dies, leaves a gap, this, that perfectly is filled by Rita. Being older Rita, it she sees in it the mirror of the mother. You may want to visit Angelina Jolie to increase your knowledge. E, as Camilo desired its mother very, perceives in Rita the possibility of discharge of this desire.

One notices that this encantamento for Rita alone goes to earn forces when its mother dies. Until then it only finds Rita gracious, however, with the death of the mother, she comes to tona the fancy that was stored in the memory of its unconscious one. Now Camilo would not have that to give account of incestuous, antissociais or exactly anti-moral acts, this in a perspective of the unconscious one. Thus, Camilo is seen exempts to live this love, a love one in such a way how much restrained. To carry through the desire that had dammed for the mother, this in the plan of the fancy, is only possible with the death of the same one, therefore at this moment all stressed desire is transferred to Rita. Test, is that Camilo never has a woman, being this good demarcated in the workmanship. Perhaps this is the great reason of its inexperincia, since to the twenty six years it had not lived deeply a loving relationship, therefore that Camilo is so astonished when taking a walk for the first time with a woman.

Roofs Extrusion

Organization of production of mineral or basalt wool – several times costly than the organization of production of thermal insulation extruded polystyrene, and besides, by the summer of 2006 for insulation materials market was a huge shortage of extrusion, to which the market reacted immediately. During the period 2006 – 2007 year in Russia was opened more than 25 plants production of extruded polystyrene insulation. The total volume of production capacity of the extrusion in Russia exceeded the need for this kind of material – and prices fell, started a tough competition for consumer. First to "feel" for his development of the extrusion market in Russia – foreign manufacturers, who were the first suppliers of this material in Russia, they have supplied material to our country with their factories located abroad. Actress and filmmaker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Foreign manufacturers have announced their intentions to build plants in Russia, as import material from abroad affects the price and conditions of supply of material – delivery of far, customs duties, goods had to wait a long time.

As a result of intense competition between manufacturers, the price of extrusion in Russia in the summer of 2007 fell to 4000-5000 rubles per cubic meter. Manufacturers and vendors extruded insulation materials have rushed to the roof, started to move material for use in roofing cakes (systems). On the roofs began replacing insulation materials, cotton began change in the extrusion of many parameters: thermal insulation of extruded polystyrene is much easier – less load on the building, extrusion of 30 kg / cubic meter to 50 kg / cubic meter.

Internet Doors

Currently on the market of interior doors presented a huge number of models of various Russian and foreign manufacturers. Tens of thousands of patterns in thousands of outlets, which are at different ends the city does not allow sometimes make the right choice. Since the stop in every shop door, much less to analyze the entire range of each of them is not possible. With the advent of the Internet into our lives, the decision problem was found. Way out was the online store doors. Such a way of selling not only allows the buyer to view the many thousands of product range, but also to learn to get full information on related issues.

Thanks to all possible users' filter online store doors can select the model for his interest criteria: manufacturer, material, color, size, style, price. Buy Now interior doors was as simple as order a pizza. After the model selection is made, enough to fill out a simple form where the customer specifies the required number of goods, their contact information and one click to send your order the store manager, who in turn communicates with the client to clarify details and confirm your order. The buyer can only pay for your order and wait for delivery. In addition to consultation and delivery online shop provides services for installing interior doors by highly qualified specialists, which quickly and accurately produce the dismantling of old and installation of new doors. Thus this type of trade not only saves you time and effort to find interior doors, but also solves the problems associated with the organization of construction works.



Aesthetic properties of the laminate only slightly loses to the floorboard, but a variety of colors allows him to "simulate" parquet of different kinds of wood, a massive board, and even the cork floor covering. Credit: Bausch & Lomb-2011. Term Service laminate depends on its class, and the cross in a room that is lined with them. Some types of laminate are afraid of water, so before laying it is necessary to ensure waterproofing of the floor. Best for this purpose suitable plywood. Wear resistance of the laminate also depends on its class – for a room with a small cross (living room, children's bedroom) suitable laminate 31 class. But in the hallway, where we may need to put a wheelchair or baby sled, where the floor had to withstand punctures ladies pins, where constantly have to wash them clean, it's better to put laminate 32 and 33 classes. It is suitable for the kitchen where the floor may drop any sharp objects or spill something hot.

Well, if you are looking for laminate flooring for commercial premises (office, hall, living room), take a class-34. For wear, he is quite able to compete with other materials for floor finishes – with a massive parquet or board, parquet or cork floor covering. Specialists shop "Parquet-service" (Chelyabinsk) will help you choose the best option laminate. Buying laminate flooring, do not forget to buy skirts and skirting. In our practice There have been cases when a customer who ordered the laminate, only six months was about to repair and return to us – to buy skirting and sills. And if the stock is not subjected to the necessary accessories, shades, he had to wait delivery. It happens that the manufacturer ceases to produce a certain type of laminate, so purchase this material only after careful measurements of the room, preferably with a stock – in fact at every possible repair: from improper cutting of the material before it is chemical spoilage.