Attractive education option for school leavers of in Germany is largest restoration companies in recruiting talented new recruits in the offensive. Under the motto you are, then you’re going what”informed the company about the job prospects in a dynamic market. With over 65000 projects per year, Sprint is not only the largest German restoration companies. Sprint is regarded as the most innovative company in its industry. With numerous new technologies and procedures, Sprint continually sets standards based on which the competitors for years. Long ago, the company offers services that go far beyond the actual remedial actions after fire or water damage also. The review of lightning and surge damage or the targeted and sustained fight against mold in buildings are just two examples. Background of the Sprint initiative is the situation outlined in the daily press repeatedly on the apprenticeship market.

In southern Germany, it is not easy to find suitable candidates. Because corporations invest vast sums of money in their personal marketing and have a certain advantage over lesser companies. thanks to their notoriety”as Ralph van Dellen, Chief of staff of Sprint. Aim of the campaign is therefore young people to show that a modern medium-sized company can offer not only interesting career opportunities, but also long-term career prospects, which need to shy away from any comparison with big companies.” Information to the Sprint training initiative and the training courses in the whole Federal territory can be found under. Contact: Sprint restoration GmbH Mrs J. Kaessmann phone: 0211-9668-195 E-Mail:


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