2 Keys To Produce Without Stress

The productivity tools that are on the market seems not to be able to help you or you end up making in more functions to the mass that you already have. Don’t worry about that situation, since it is a reality that we cannot control to continue to grow, but if we can learn to how to live in this world without stress and achieving more free time. This is not another system to sell you, but a style of life or new forms of behavior that can put you in harmony in the world in which you live. Productivity without stress is the result of a seminar that I taught to entrepreneurs that like you don’t have managed to create the discipline necessary to organize their projects or business. To achieve a better assimilation of this topic I decided to divide it into two keys: – key I the mentality of productivity – key II tools and systems to produce better. This order is not by chance. Productive mentality is essential to awaken much before using any tool of productivity. The reason for this is simple: If you give a system of productivity than to achieved successful results with prior to a person or team who have not developed the mentality appropriate productivity, they transform that information into garbage or accumulated more stress in their lives.

While that if you give a system of productivity that never achieved successes in the past a person or team that have a productive mindset then they transform that information or tools into pure gold. That is why I have placed in this order so that your you can begin to wake up productive mind that in you and then you can develop your own tools or that I show you in this book. KEY I MENTALITY productive Mira in order to understand what a productive mindset is.


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