Alex Kelly

Alex, however, asked no fear a "How are you mama? – Kelly still did not want to pronounce his name. a "From where you call me? – was the only one who dared to say. From Madrid, Mom. Please have no more fear. Talk to me quietly. It's been three years.

I do not think that the phones are tapped yet, if it ever were, "I can not speak, do not expect you to call me and I feel paralyzed," I understand mom. Long ago I'm thinking of doing and of course the fear it was delayed. But today, I decided I was going to call and I did. The idea is to convince them to come visit .–You think? -. "I think. I am convinced that the police can not be much time on my track. Please talk to Dad and convince him. They do not know how much I need to see them! – "We also need child .- They talked until Alex Kelly made him feel at ease for the call and convinced that they could travel to Spain.

"I'll call again in two days to tell me when they think coming," I'll be waiting your call. The next time habalron Kelly was more relaxed. She had not been cited as the police deduced that the conversation she had with her son had not been heard. He told his father, at first seemed to him not only crazy but called the proposal, but seeing that with the passage of hours received no summons to testify, it was reassuring.



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