American John McEnroe

An injury in a shoulder prevented to finish the end him of Masters 1,000 of Cincinnati. Andy Murray dominated by 6-4 and 3-0 when the Serbian tennis player decided to retire. It is the first defeat of Nole in fast track and the first end that does not win in 2011. Number one of the world, the Serb Novak Djokovic, truncated its impeccable gust of wind of the season with a retirement in the end of Masters 1,000 of Cincinnati, when it lost by 6-4 and 3-0 with the Briton Andy Murray. The Balkan tennis player, with an injury in the right arm which she was dealed with at the end of the first sleeve and which already she complained in the party of semifinals against Czech the Berdych Takings, only held 72 minutes in the track. The physical misfortune interrupts excelso passage of Djokovic in 2011. The one of Cincinnati second defeat of the season in the circuit, in which it accumulates 57 triumphs, without counting harvested in the Glass the Davises is his. It will not be able to give to reach to the registry of the American John McEnroe, who in 1984 only accumulated 59 gained parties and one lost one.

It is the first end that number one of the world yields in course, in which it remains with nine titles, including both Grand Slam (Australia and Wimbledon), before confronting last ‘ major’ , in the United States. In addition, Masters has gained five the 1,000 (Rome, Canada, Madrid, Miami and Indian Wells) and matches of Dubai and Belgrade. All it against had Djokovic in the end of Cincinnati, that are lost in three occasions in the last four years. Second, after the one of 2008, before Murray, that was placed of entrance with an advantage of 3-0. The Serb reacted and tied to three. But Murray broke the serve of its rival and encarril the partial victory, that obtained by 6-4. It was then when Djokovic requested the aid of the track physiotherapist, that during minutes tried to palliate its ailment in the right arm.

Number one of the world returned to the track. But the Serb was not already in the party. Slow of movements, barely forceful and without concentration. A simple way for Murray, that when it obtained the 3-0 in the second Seth it verified how his rival threw the towel.


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