Basic Guide

If you have decided to develop their own IM, it is important to take into account specific issues which directly influence their business idea. Marketing with successful work is based on five elements and the combination of these. People, products and/or services, price, promotion and distribution of product. Best known as the P of marketing. Product, Plaza, price, promotion and people or clients. Wing time who decides to market a product or service; These rules will define your research of markets and subsequently its action plan. As indicated, before making such a plan; the recommendation is to focus on one market research, in the search for identifying customer needs, meet them and give them continuous monitoring for correct adaptation to the market demand. For obtaining responses and the identification of opportunities with greater clarity, you can start to answer questions on these topics, in order to consider and evaluate your marketing object.

It is important to be objective by giving response to the following, without give way to personal judgments or data without foundation. 1 Analyze the market. Who will buy your product or service? Identify the buyers, who have the decision and be able to purchase. See demographics, statistics. Lifestyles, consumer segmentation. 2.

Analyze the demand. Inquire about current and past, demand to know the trend of consumption of the product. And about the existence of any other product. Similarly, knowing when you buy, as purchased. 3. Analyze the competition. Find out about other companies that sell their products or services, how many are where they are located, their size, time to market, their loyal customers. Classify them, whether they are direct, indirect or potential competitors. 4 Analyse the concept of the product. Search for always giving the right message with your product or service, the image, the benefits and ideas to expose, everything must be channelled to exhibit significant terms for customer satisfaction.



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