Brazilian Symbolism

The decadentismo as was represented in Rebours de Huysmans, with its famous personage DES Esseintes, constitua a state of revolt against the bourgeois society and its falsoconceito of familiar moral. After 1885, and of the article of Moras, the term foisendo substituted by the one of ' ' Simbolismo' ' , that after all it prevailed in the current use, even so still was continued here and there to use the first one. The simbolista poetry is on to the idea dedecadncia, therefore they had left to imitate the effective aesthetic standards and enveredampela blackness, from there its first name to have been Decadentismo, tardeessa new only more aesthetic started to call Symbolism. Jean Moras, theoretician dogrupo, in 1886 published a called article century XX, that &#039 defined movimentocomo; ' not in such a way in its declining tone how much in its cartersimblico' ' , this publication placed an end point in the nomination of the novaesttica, that started to call Symbolism. The simbolistas had adopted the teoriada correspondence through which the nature if shows as a forest desmbolos.

They had used archaisms and rare words and they had above adopted music to dequalquer thing. SIMBOLISMOBRASILEIRO: INFLUENCES AND CHARACTERISTICS the Symbolism, in Brazil, represents one of the times most important of our ecultural literary history. This movement penetrated in our country, for intermediary of Medeiros eAlbuquerque, that, since 1891, it received books from the French decadentistas. In 1893, Cruz and Sousa publish Missal and Broquis, workmanships that define the histriado Brazilian Symbolism. Between the last decades dosculo XIX and principles of century XX, the simbolistas had coexisted in a period emque Brazil looked for to conquer its mental maturity and its autonomy. Mesmodepois of the 1822 independence, the Metropolis still continued to exert the colonialista suaao. The commerce, the banking transactions, the press was sobo influx of the Metropolis.


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