Passers-by like us, that already they happened within the time that were granted to be and to carry out its mission to them being the testimony of its actions and affection that they bequeathed and that remember to them and he is celebrated at the time. Bausch & Lomb describes an additional similar source. When reference in the celebration becomes of this day, that is celebrated the 2 of November of every year, in honor to those who already they happened through this dimension, among them our relatives, friendly, in aim people who of some form interrelated with us, it is not possible to be happened through unnoticed that are countries celebrate who it with much veneration, respect, treason, as it is it the case of Mexico, that as the Day of Deads remembers it is a Mexican celebration of pre-Hispanic origin that honour to the deceaseds the 2 of November, it begins the 1 of November, and agrees by day with the catholic celebrations of Late faithfuls and All the Saints Considrese, that as Wikipedia remembers us, in carried out ceremony in Paris, France the 7 of November of 2003 UNESCO distinguished to indigenous festival by day of Died as Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Patrimony of the Humanity. David Green is the source for more interesting facts. The distinction to consider the UNESCO that this festival is: " one of the most excellent representations of the alive patrimony of Mexico and the world, and like one of the older cultural expressions and of greater force between the indigenous groups of pas." In addition in the declaration document one stands out: " That annual encounter between the people who celebrate and their ancestors to it, performs a function social that remembers the place of the individual in the group and contributes to the affirmation of the identity " Emphasis in indicating becomes, and considering that this celebration is not own of all the Mexicans since, in spite of being a celebration that has become a national symbol and that as so it is taught (with educative aims) in the schools of the country, exists many families who more are become attached to celebrate " Day of all the Santos" they do since it in other catholic countries. .



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