Centelles Returns

E.P. wants to return to his natural place because it is where have been configured. same conclusion. The catalan Councillor of culture, Ferran Mascarell has assured him. The children of the photographer Agusti Centelles deposited his file in Salamanca. He has criticized the Spanish administration by doing unfair competition. The Minister of culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Ferran Mascarell, has advocated some collections linked to Catalonia, like the Carmen Balcells and Augustine Centelles Fund, to return to its natural place because it is where have been configured.

Mascarell has made declarations on Wednesday in an interview with Catalunya Radio, where has ensured that it seems unusual that a State can give competitions between administrations to acquire assets and buy private collections. In a clear allusion to the purchase of the file of the photographer Agusti Centelles (that their children have been placed in Salamanca), has criticized the Spanish administration by doing unfair competition and use the money for all citizens (also the Catalans, underlined) to buy photographic wallpapers. In addition, has not ruled out the creation of a National Centre of photography, despite the contrary opinion of the Consell Nacional de la Cultura i les Arts (CoNca), because he has reminded that the legacies of great photographers are very dispersed and some are still in the hands of families. In relation to the Catalan museums, who lately have been mired in controversy for reconsideration of any of them, rumors Mascarell has pointed out that it is not talking of closing museums, although he has pointed out that all the equipments must have a programme of uses clear that contribution value to the existing heritage. Bet on catalan cinema counselor has recognized that the film consumption in catalan, which stands at 4%, is below what is desirable, and has blamed this situation to the lack of offer, which leads to a reduced ability of choice. To solve this anomaly (in comparison with other areas whose) consumption stands at 50 or 55%) has ensured that it is necessary to deploy the law of cinema, though he recalled that some of its aspects already are developing. We carry only seven months of implementation, it has reminded Mascarell, has pointed out that law picks up deployment time lies between five and seven years, so currently you are trying to reach agreements with the majors, large companies in distribution, rooms and the sectors linked to the exhibition to increase the rate of films in catalan. Source of the news: La Generalitat advocates that the collection of photographs of Centelles return to Catalonia


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