Customs Code

Employment records of the reasons for the termination of the employment contract must be carried out in strict accordance with the wording of the Customs Code or other federal law and with reference to the relevant article, click the Customs Code or other federal law. Information that was not entered in the work record information about penalties in the work book is not made, except when disciplining a dismissal (66 of the Customs Code). Information that may be made in the work book at the request of an employee on worker's request information about working part-time are introduced into the labor book at the place of basic work on the basis of a document confirming the work of part-time (66 of the Customs Code). Issuance of the employment record and copies of other documents by a written statement from an employee the employer shall not later than 3 days from the date of this application to give the employee a copy of documents relating to the work (Article 62 lc RF) copy of the order of employment, orders to transfer to another job, the order of dismissal, discharge from employment record, earnings statement, the period of work for the employer and another. Copies of documents related to work, must be certified properly and made available to the employee free of charge. Issue employment record severance on termination of contract, the employer must give the employee the day of dismissal (the last day of work), work record, and upon written request of the employee copies of documents related to the work (Article 62 lc RF). If an employee is dismissed on the day to give the work book is impossible in the absence of the employee or his refusal to obtain employment record at hand, the employer sends an employee notice to appear for work-book or to give consent to administer it in the mail. From the date of the notice the employer shall be exempt from liability for delay issuance of the work book..


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