House Crisis

Am not going to explain in this article that it is the junk mail! nor what is able to get! I do not speak of the E-MAILING that both fill the mouth advertising agencies offering gold and moro as long as you pay them a good sum of euros in return for bombarding email addresses who knows if they have owner or are only virtual, why call it virtual junk mail! I do not intend to criticize the emailing or much less. . The case is that I want to talk about the traditional junk mail, open the mailbox of your House and find brochures, magazines of all sizes, a marketing technique that allows direct reach consumers at times up to the door of your fridge (advertising stickers). In times of crisis budgets are adjusted, tighten the belts and not be loose or a penny on complementary actions, enhance shopping and brand recognition… Etc business managers want immediate results, shoot your sales, grab a good share of the market in its sector at the lowest possible cost, but especially not having to throw the closing for lack of customers. Indeed, the junk mail and for many years is as an advertising medium commonly used by all sectors, from stores in the neighborhood to supermarket chains, fast food, wholesale furniture superstores franchises, electrodomesticosetc. Is the issue because in times of crisis marketing departments taking more seriously the topic of traditional junk mail? It is easy to carry out a door-to-door campaign? Buy cheap always is the best formula for saving? Because several municipalities city councils get Ordinances just now to combat the mass mailing?Before you launch yourself into the water and get wet would be timely to know what we want to achieve with a door-to-door campaign, locate potential clients and/or common and in that situation are we? We are launching a new product or inaugurating our shop We are in crisis, we need customers season of…


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