King Spanish Alfonso XIII

Often call us by phone or we write through this page for ordering us what we Venezuelans call appetizers. Now well, here in Miami City inhabited by latinos, we are struck, the different expressions used to order. If you ask us a Colombian, called them by the name of appetizers, if a Dominican speaks then prompted a picadera, in the case of a Salvadoran; When it comes to Mexicans then they speak of botana, Nicaraguans requested them under the name of snacks; Americans call them snack; Spaniards qualify it as tapas and many other Latin countries known as appetizers, snacks, etc. More info: David Karp. As a result of this diversity of denominations, born in us curious about the origins of this type of food, on the basis that we have always been fans of these small gastronomic delicacies. Years back when I was a child and we had a family reunion or any Doo, my mom reminded us before leave home, standards among which never lacked, the not to eat us all tapas or appetizers – thing that others never obeyed.

Some time later, already in my years of college student in the center of Caracas, frequently walked down La Candelaria especially – area of the city dominated by colonial Spanish – to consume a couple of beers and of course eat all kinds of appetizers or tapas as they call the Spaniards. In those days, we traveled all the bars, to test all varieties. Sometimes they were so large portions, which became more well in appetizers, which is the main feature that differentiates one from the other: the serving size, which in the case of the aperitif is a little larger than the appetizers. Some authors say that the tapas or appetizers, were born because of the illness of the King Spanish Alfonso XIII the wise, he was forced to take small snacks between meals, with small sips of wine.

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