This factor is crucial when it comes to think about your goals. Your results can depend on a high degree of age who take the company operating. -Company with many years (+ 20 years): probably will have the advantage of belonging to a brand already known. Inserted and established in the market and with good financial, structural and directive base. As disadvantage precisely what was said previously.

Being a brand already established with many people integrated into the same and many consumers, your range market will be proportionally less, so you will have more difficulties to expand your business. If you want to get some extra income as an aid to a salary that you already have, you can come either, but you will have very little chance of achieving higher goals and earn really big income. -Company of middle-aged (10-20 years): the brand is already established, still growing but its potential in decline. Its development will be very linear and assuming that it is positive will be low annual percentage rate. You have guarantees that the company is well-established financially and its consolidated basis. You can develop a good business in it, but you will have to work really hard to get more than 3,000 2,000 $.

You will have sufficient competition even within the same company so if you go to sleep or you neglect not advances in your income and ponds you. -Young company (2-10 years): is important to know that a company that takes 3-4 years in the market, have a good management team and meet other conditions which we have spoken and will speak, should be sufficiently firm to not have problems with it. Otherwise it may be but it is not frequent. This is the period of higher growth and expansion that usually suffers a company during his lifetime. Therefore if you are able to see the opportunity and put yourself in a place privileged in its schema, I assure you that you have a lot of cattle. In this type of companies really if you can make lots of money and even earn fortunes. Of course also have to work hard, because You will be one of its leaders that formes te and te positions. People who are getting high numbers of benefits in the multilevel Marketing, mostly started their business in the company at this stage. -Company initiated (0-2 years): this type of stage is where most risk entails. On the one hand the disadvantage that there are possibilities that the address of the company die of success as they say. I want to say that you see that it has great potential for expansion and not sit in the markets before advancing to the next. As consideration the main advantage that the company has at this stage is that if you really have a directive Manager and expert on the market and you you’ve located in the ranks highest of the same your chances of obtaining very high income are really high. If all goes well we can say that you’ve hit the nail with your choice. You will be one of the pioneers in your country of the business, you’ll be very close to the company and much of the tree descendant may fall under your sponsorship. If the investment is not very high and you’re a person that prepends a little risk but with great benefits to total security and earn a small income, I personally recommend this situation of the company.


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