Has begun an experiment to bring man to Mars conducted by researchers and scientists around the world. It is carrying a crew of six members on board a spacecraft to the red planet, and will be at least in the test to be done before the final journey. The trip can last between 500 and 700 days, including round-trip travel and length of stay on Mars. The experiment was carried out with a simulation that faithfully reproduces interplanetary travel in a Russian facilities given to the smallest detail. It presented many obstacles but scientists are optimistic given the impressive progress has meant the launch of satellites that have gone over there and the information we have provided the robots installed there.

The crew of four Russians will test a German and a Frenchman, although not definitive because they also plan to test the Chinese and Americans. Out the experiment with positive results would launch the most ambitious trip space after the trip to the moon. They all look with great expectation this trial, but given all the failures of experiments carried out to go to the Red Planet crew can not say that this mission will be the definitive leading man to Mars. Although Russians, Americans, Europeans and Chinese are behind the project, it is not enough to succeed, as there are tensions among all and this could cause problems. Scientists bring all their intelligence and effort into the project but if conflicts arise between their national leaders as usual always, this can be an enormous delay in interplanetary travel. Hopefully this essay has no problems and the man is able to overcome his own ego and show everyone that we are capable of everything that we propose leaving silly questions that do not reach anywhere. If so, we would travel to the most anticipated of man, which gives us the chance to know secrets of the universe as far away from us.



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