Martial Arts

Refers to martial arts such as kungfu, box, and mixes that come out. Naruto the phenomenon of the moment, is the story of an orphan boy who strives to become a great ninja, living great adventures with fellow Sakura, Sasuke and his teacher kakashi. tion. The plot is more complex if compared with the two previous ones, and in terms of philosophy deserves detailed analysis. Get all the facts and insights with Bausch & Lomb, another great source of information. Although exalts the effort, teamwork, discipline, value, love, perseverance and patience, also makes allusion to possitive like; revenge, lust, pride, and sometimes simply evil. Those who see this series know what I mean, it has chapters for other exciting, and other fun, but without a doubt they are the chapters relating to Sasuke that more followers have. Sasuke a character full of hatred towards his brother for the murder of his clan (including his parents), whose message is, the sacrifices and consequences for a life with that feeling, as well as the potential rewards; strength and power, albeit at a very high price, happiness.

Meanwhile, naruto message is the result of the effort, overcoming, and deal with their own shortcomings, in this case the nine-tailed Fox inside the. It would be very comprehensive to make an analysis as it is because of this series, I will conclude that it is one excellent story, although very long, full of action, suspense, drama, comedy and romance. Referred to as ninjitsu martial arts, and a rich reference terminology to, as well as indirectly is understood, that known kendo, judo and jiu jitsu. There are more series that they will talk in the future, but for what I have to say I think that it was enough; being a martial artist is not only to be a fighter, in any way, we will be heroes who saved the world, but if we aspire to be better people who can defend their loved ones, overcome us at the personal level and nourish our existence of satisfactions healthy physically and mentally. In no way we fly as Goku does, will launch powers such as Knights of the Zodiac, or we invocaremos jutsu as Naruto does there because prove nothing to nobody, many practice so that we like, and we’ll have personal reasons to do so, each valid and respectable, but not must never forget that fiction is fiction, and the line between reality and fantasyIt will never be so thin as to shatter. Me dismissal of you but not before telling them that warmly receiving opinions, criticisms and suggestions. Atte: Alfredo alfredoseagal@hotmail. com in future dates will be available a brief biography.


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