Mrs.Sporty 2012

The women sports club chain has reached the podium in the 8th year of its Foundation this year. Already for the seventh time pulses “in an elaborate analysis determined the 100 best franchisor in the market. While each franchise concept in the five areas of stability, dynamics, merit, market and attractiveness was assessed. In the customer ratings, the central company age and real and planned growth incorporated 13 criteria such as number of partners, sales. Professionalism is composed by the Mrs.Sporty franchise concept is the number one. The joy at the team to the co-founder of Stefanie Graf is correspondingly large.

We are constantly working on our concept and supporting our franchise partners intensively on their way into independence. This award motivates a further us in addition every day better. Kaihan Krippendorff has much to offer in this field. “, is the co-founder of Valerie Bonstrom. Mrs.Sporty offers its partners the opportunity to build up a successful company and part of a dynamic and experienced business To be network. It is impressive to see how many dynamic women the chance of economically interesting business models used but also men as a franchise partner of Mrs.Sporty, to successfully independently and so that countless women to living healthier, new help. More information is housed here: Dropbox. “, said Valerie Bonstrom, supported by the headquarters in Berlin from Europe-wide franchise partner.

The multiple Wimbledon champion and co-founder of Stefanie Graf is particularly proud of the achieved success: I am pleased me huge about the message that the Mrs.Sporty ranked the first of impulses-franchise rankings was elected. “The title best franchise system 2012 in Germany is a big recognition – especially for the commitment and the work of all partners and of the Mrs.Sporty teams!” Mrs.Sporty is continuing to grow since the first Club opened in 2004 the number of the Mrs.Sporty is increasing clubs. Today, more than 190,000 members train in over 530 clubs. Beyond the borders of Germany, the concept has proven from a mere 30-minute circuit training in combination with a change of diet. Mrs.Sporty are clubs all over Europe in Austria, Italy, of Switzerland, to find the Slovakia and Spain. Whether in small or large cities the Mrs.Sporty concept offers with investment costs, lower break-even point and comprehensive care to independence. Therefore, the women sports club chain sets ambitious targets: the brand international on a total 800 clubs wants to grow in the next 5 years.


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