Muscovites City

According to official statistics, the capital, in 2006 the city had been bitten by stray animals 15712 Muscovites – nearly 3,000 more than five years before. The authorities, however, this statistic does not seem much concerned: five years ago, Moscow Mayor Yuri banned the shooting of stray dogs and cats, they became involved in service capture wild animals. As we see the result of such decision to the person, or rather the hands and feet of victims of Muscovites. Much more active in this respect behaves Municipality of Novgorod, communicated in 2007, 6 million rubles for the capture and lulling stray dogs. However, there are not going smoothly for the simple reason that not all contractors agree to perform this work. But encouraged by the fact that the first steps to address the problem are made In animals, increasing social intelligence, and cockroaches poisoned our food. As stated by ecologist Andrew Neuronov, the number of juvenile roach decreases from generation to generation.

According to one version, this is due to changes in the quality of products. To what has come: already Cockroaches do not digest our edu.Chem no reason to think about what we eat. Just ecologist said that stray dogs are gradually adapting to social life in the city. Through trial and error, the dog find out the most safe migration routes through the city. It should be noted that these newly acquired skills is fixed genetically in their offspring. With the pace fiction movies about talking dogs did not look so fantastic.



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