It's like all the known print. Protrusions master painting, from the top plates paper. Picture remained on the sheet. There is a picture! Initially, the cheap popular New Year's drawings depict a family contented with what That's right! With a huge bag of gold. But that is what we often want to get in the new year. Then on Figures painted pictures churches, snow-covered trees. That is the time to visit the United Kingdom, the so-one thousand seven hundred and ninety four.

The specific date is indicated for nothing. In seventeen hundred ninety-fourth year, was created by a postcard from the New Year, which was the first. Painted her a Dobson. Imagine a forest in winter? Quietly falling snowflakes, trees in white suits. Not far from seeing a fun family Christmas trees.

That's what the story was the first postcard. Sender of the first image, email this, Henry Cole became the uk. He was an acquaintance of John Gersli, who gave his consent as a friend to draw a card. From this figure printed a thousand, and it was the first party of the true, more than our usual Christmas kartonok. Of course, these funny pictures every liking. Since that time, the tradition of sending greeting cards has become universal. After British postal service to Russia denounced painted paper greetings, they are interested in our country. There is a version that the first Russian postcard from the New Year – merit artist Nicholas Karazin. Change of power. Came socialism, and religion has been declared "opium of the people." That's why banned the celebration of Christmas and New Year. But you can not make perfect just disappear. Then again, cards are pleasing to the eye, this time with images of heroic personalities. Since it fell on hard times of war with Nazi Germany, these cards have served other purposes – promoting the ideals of socialism and the Soviet soldiers raising the faith in victory. In post-war postcards showing a peaceful life and a peaceful family life. Those who are older, with their nostalgia. Now young people rarely send postcards that you can hold in your hands. Often limited to sms Coy well, or in extreme cases, an electronic postcard. Is it good or bad, hard to define. Changed the principles of data have changed and methods of communication. Despite this situation, Cards on a sufficient scale, and there are people who really like this kind of congratulations. So the choice is yours. Happy New Year!



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