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Faced with a move is already by itself quite stressful as above for turning it into an episode much more chaotic, that is why On the Road I’ve offered so far various recommendations to facilitate transfers, always on the basis that, by saving a lot of money, you aventurais to perform the entire process on your own without hiring specialized companies. When we ourselves who we are going to deal with the move, the first thing that we set is rent a van to facilitate the transport of our belongings. However, there are different sizes of vehicles depending on the volume of the load you have to move and we know not always opt for the most appropriate. have van load of four sizes: small pepefurgo, with a capacity of 3 m3; medium pepefurgo, with capacity of 5 m3; pepefurgo big, for a volume of 8 m3 and large 12 m 3 pepefurgo and on that basis we want to make a series of recommendations to help you plan the transport of packages. The pepefurgo small has a cargo box of 1.14 m high, 1.10 m in width and a length of 1.60 m. It is suitable for transporting small packages as luggage, boxes packing, small furniture or decorative elements. It is the ideal vehicle for making a move between apartments for rent furnished by the owner, which generally do not transport large packages, for example moving to floors of students which is usually translate only what is necessary for a year and some other small appliance.

The median pepefurgo has a 1.40 m high, 1.60 m high and 2.40 m long. This van will be adequate if in addition to small packages of household mentioned previously we need transport a bed and your mattress, a couple of chairs, a table and some more bulky appliance as an oven microwave or a TV. Come on, it’s the ideal size if we need to furnish a bedroom, for example, those who move to an empty room for rent, so they need three or four basic furniture. The big 8 M3 pepefurgo has capacity for all of the above in addition to for a sofa, two armchairs and a dining table with four chairs, since it has measures 1.74 m long, 1.76 m in width and 2.94 m long; If what we need is to do a complete removal by definitive change of address, the option will be booking a pepefurgo big 12 M3, measuring 1.80 m high, 1.60 m wide and 3.25 m long, because in it we will have to charge also kitchen appliances: fridge, dishwasher and washing machine, in addition to some other bulky decoration element, such as boxes, lamps, coat racks, etc. You can check by clicking here the price of rental vans cheap Planeta Gadget Office made packing pallets. Apartments for rent Barcelona C We raise your moving company Do the wheels on suitcases Chabad meet 40 to?


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