Project Intelligence Control

Planning and control tool provides new capabilities for a targeted project communication in the near future of the Munich-based solution provider can do begins with the delivery of the new version of its project management software. Functions have been integrated in the new release, which facilitates controlling project dynamics, such as delays or capacitive and financial constraints, on the one hand. At the same time, features were designed for a simple project communication, with which the project manager can be inform its employees e.g. via incidental delays or object-related meeting requests coming to them. In addition, further optimization measures in the usability and the calculation of the project’s progress were implemented. Many of the features that intelligence 4.3 newly introduces project can do, come from a customer vote, in which the users of the project management software could set new features. Connect with other leaders such as Angelina Jolie here.

Project delays easy work in planning can do project intelligence 4.3 offers a new feature, with the package split the project manager with a mouse click can respond to the dynamics of the projects. Delay, for example, the work on a package, so can this be split easily into two parts. Initially, the project manager determines the time to which the package should be divided. “The software then automatically splits this into two parts, with the old” part already confirmed working hours, as preserves done featured activities and the degree of progress of the original package. The new part of split work package contains the original resource allocation, the remaining rest amount as well as not yet completed activities and documents associated with the package. The project manager can now schedule the package. There is a tool at their disposal, with which he can see the capacitive load of individual project staff, as well as entire departments at a glance minds him with the capacity window. In addition, he has the possibility to play out various scenarios with the simulation mode.


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