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The roof adorns a Photovtaikanlage GANAPATHY home Gustavsburg recently, 09 October 2009 – the Ginsheim specialists for B2B trade portals generate your own power of a photovoltaic system installed on the roof. More than three times the current generates this 14kW system, which itself is required. A contract governs the automatically fed into the public grid with the grid operator. The protection of the environment more and more in the focus of trade device is a fact. It is continuously for companies to be always more environmentally friendly. The B2B trade portal aims are important in your company policy to act as environmentally friendly as possible. Thus, Restposten24 again sets new standards when it do comes to eco-friendly.

Our server in Karlsruhe already since 01.12.2007 with electricity from renewable sources such as wind, hydro and solar energy in the framework of the international certification scheme for renewable energy, RECS. We are very involved in this fascinating project in doing so, “says Markus Filler, the founder and managing partner of Restposten24 GmbH, Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, we meet here in a global responsibility for our environment.” Thus have all users of Restposten24 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Russia, as well as all customers of Stocklots24 the certainty that our services be made possible with clean power. Still we hired only qualified employees from the immediate environment. Your workplace so they can reach on foot or by public transport. Restposten24 would like to trace as possible so green, that’s why we appreciate now the in-house photovoltaic system, which in the future can cover not only our own needs but can be additionally incorporate electricity into the public grid.” According to the Managing Director of Restposten24 GmbH Markus filler interested here are the current power generation, the consumption, as well as other data such as about the module and Ambient temperature of Restposten24 photovoltaic system see: restposten24 / Johanna filler Pressesprechrerin Restposten24 GmbH


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