In accordance with the author, if cannot understand the especificidade of the artistic phenomena without leading in account stratification of the public, indissocivel of the elitismo effect, translated in terms of secular distanciamentos between the moments and modalities of the success. Thus, the sociology of the domination desvela the inaqualities, it less well is equipped to conceive the interdependences that the actors and the institutions have in crossed nets of credenciamento where exactly most powerful they cannot make. 3PRODUO Social 3.1Morfologia According to Heinich, the artistic professions and the challenge of the sociological analysis becomes related it inquiry, in a etnometodolgica perspective, to the criterion of the autodefinio considering as artist all those that thus are declared. Thus, the classic criteria in sociology of the professions are few usable ones. The artistic activity, .

it can if apprehended and exerted without passing for an officialized education, and the collective structuralized ones of affiliation had practically become inexistent from the end of the corporations and the decline of the academies in a universe individualizado (pg 111). This research finished in the attempt to relate the variations of the aesthetic trend, in function of the generation effect, with the objective to explain by means of determinative of a generation the artistic choices of expression. 3.2Sociologia of the Domination classic materialistic Project consists of explaining the work of art not for the characteristics of its patron or its context of reception, but for the properties of its producer. This, however, more is not considered while psychological individual, as in aesthetic traditional, nor while the member of a social classroom, as in the marxist tradition, but while somebody that occupies certain position in ‘ ‘ production field restrita’ ‘ the one that belongs its creation. To this collective parameter that is the field corresponds in way equivalent the individual parameter. ‘ ‘ …


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