The First Cup of Coffee

Hi, I’m Andi (yes, my real name is Andrea but I’m almost never called that).

I’m excited to start writing for a broader audience … I’ve always kept a journal, but haven’t ever written for anyone beyond myself. So I’m not clear yet how much I’m going to reveal on this blog about people, places, or anything else that would make someone recognize themselves and feel uncomfortable. OK, disclosure over.

I’m a thirty-something divorced mom of two adorable kids. We live in the Northern part of California, and I’m currently in the process of beginning yet another reinvention of myself. For several years I used to work as a fundraiser for a small not-for-profit organization, and for a while after that I stayed at home while my children were little.

But just recently I’ve made the decision to open a small coffee shop in the center of the town where I live, and I think this blog will be, in part, a place where I can let off a little steam and do some in-the-open brainstorming about running a small business.

We’ve lived here for two years now, and I’ve grown to know the community pretty well. Like almost every town we have a couple of chain coffee stores, and there is also a diner that serves coffee … but we don’t yet have an independent gourmet coffee store with some local character. And that’s the gap in the market that I hope to fill.

I hope I’m not going to lose my shirt on this!


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