The Law

Lucifer was introduced, cleverly, in the life of men, as a mediator between the commandments of God, and the right to know what the father had forbidden his sons. The image of the father of lies inciting disobedience, remains in the collective human consciousness deforming reality, many, too many, says us Nod, are those who spend their lives with a borrowed vision, and very few who discover that the knowledge of the truth, is not only a right inherent to the human condition, but it is the only means of obtaining freedom. and the truth is the knowledge of things as they are, as they were and as they should be Doctrine and covenants 93: 24 woe to you, interpreters of the law! because you’ve removed the key of science; you yourselves not when, and impedisteis it to those who entered. Luke 11: 52 say then, that this group belong, those who somehow have managed to rid of the protective armor of the intellectual greenhouse in which shelter the masses, the paradise of the minds numb by the opium that excites and disturbs the senses, to live their lives in the rigors of the clearing, in that sad and lonely worldwhere there are the agreements and disagreements of the human evolution. Throughout history, religions have promised to his faithful acolytes, a refuge, a crude replacement for paradise lost, every one of these shelters have tried to build its own Tower of Babel, have created rigid rules, a strict discipline, a road fraught with warnings, indicators of all those not will do to prevent their contamination, ignoring the essential, that man is made in the must do and those do refer to the responsibility that each one has acquired to love your neighbor as yourself. Many believe that the imperatives of love and service to others, are only to be exercised between those who profess a faith itself or belong to the same group or fellowship, when in reality this exhortation is precisely the opposite, as we read: and behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that you may know that when ye are in the service of your similar, ye are only in the service of your God.


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