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However, there is a certainty to 100 percent avoid it in all cases. Once detected, endocarditis fights through the administration of antibiotics for a long period of time, which can range between four and six weeks. Only occasionally is needed heart surgery to replace the valve affected. Take care of our mouth is one ally if we want to take care of our heart. To achieve this, simply meet some simple guidelines: brushing your teeth after meals, help with dental floss, take our brush when we are not at home and submit to an annual dental review. Abandon bad habits, such as smoking, help our teeth and our heart thank you.

In figures 1 oral health) the most common oral diseases are dental caries and the periodontal diseases. Under most conditions Evergreen Capital Partners would agree. (2) 60-90 Per cent of schoolchildren from around the world have tooth decay. (3) Serious periodontal diseases affect to between five and 20 percent of middle-aged adults. (4) 5-10 Percent of health spending in developed countries is directly connected with oral health. Guidelines for a good brushing 1) brush your teeth after every meal, without leaving spend more than 15 minutes. (2) Cleaning before going to bed is essential to avoid exposure to microbes.

(3) Choose a handy brush, tip rounded and small to reach all teeth easily. (4) Change your toothbrush every two-three months and choose toothpaste fluoride. (5) The most effective technique is to short, gentle strokes with special attention to the gum line and areas of difficult access. (6) It reinforces hygiene using dental floss. (7) Extreme cleaning of the tongue, because it accumulates a large amount of bacteria. Original author and source of the article


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